Tank vs. Tankless?

For over 100 years there has been no significant change or improvement in the technology used to heat potable (drinking) water. The use of electricity, gas, and oil has been used to heat water with immersive resistive heating elements. The traditional Tank system is a reservoir of water where Cold water comes into the tank at the bottom and, as a faucet is turned on, hot water goes out the tank at the top.

So... if you have a 40 gallon tank (like most homes in America) and you're taking a shower, the longer you're in the shower the cooler the water gets because as you use hot water, cold water replaces the outgoing hot water.

The Tank



Technology Understood Short Life Span
Over 10 Million sold in the US every year Expensive to operate
Instant reservoir of hot water Runs out of hot water with multiple users
Heat Chamber Design Breeding ground for bacteria

The Bottom Line...

A tank system is not the best alternative you have.  It heats water 24 hrs a day whether you use it or not, by the nature of its design it only last 7-10 years on average.  Just because you have a 40 gallon tank doesn't mean you get 40 gallons of hot water from it, and due to the amount of bacteria that grows in the tank  - well, some say you're better off rinsing your toothbrush in the toilet bowl. 

The SKYE Solution

"Heat water to the temperature you want only when you want it."

An Electric Tankless Water Heater from SKYE is our answer.  Designed from the ground up the Electric Tankless water heater is designed to address the consumer demand for a high-capacity, low maintenance water heater.

SKYE Electric Tankless Water Heater



Nominal water storage

Minimizes bacteria and growth

saves energy

No energy use when no hot water is required

Heating element length

Provides optimum ratio between water and heating surface for increased heating efficiencies

Heat Chamber Design

4 cylindrical tubes where water passes through each tube to maximize heating efficiencies

Energy Efficient

98.6% energy efficient

FDA Certified, NSF Regulation 61 Compliant

Required for hospitals, bio-mechnaical and bio-medical usage

Software Controlled

Remote controlled, self-cleaning options

Designed with avionic safety

Redundant Safety Systems - Interconnect Switch, Mechanical Relays, Solid State Relays, Over-Temp safety

Tankless water heaters heat water only as needed and do not waste energy by keeping a reservoir of water hot.

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